Information Security Innovators


Good security is about being so much than just a barrier.

Grimbaldus Group is focused exclusively on improving, enhancing and extending your information security practices. We are independent of all manufacturers and vendors and provide unbiased advice.

Forthcoming events

Michael Bacon, respected security visioneer and Founder of Grimbaldus Group will be presenting a paper on Pitfalls and Pratfalls in Security Offshore, a Practitioner's Experience at the 9th ASIS International European Security Conference in Lisbon 1821 April 2010.

A Little About Us

Grimbaldus Group specialises in information security strategies for emerging and established companies and both on- and off-shore operations.

Our Services

Specialisms of particular current interest to our clients include: offshore operations; pandemic planning and scenario-based exercises; data protection; ISO 27001 ISMS development and management; and compliance with PCI DSS.

  • Information security consulting
  • Data Protection
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Disaster Recovery Management
  • Pandemic Planning
  • Scenario Development
  • Education, Training and Awareness